To claim as one's due; to require; to ask relief. To summon; to call in court
The assertion of a legal right; a legal obligation asserted in the courts. An imperative request preferred by one person to another, under a claim of right, requiring the latter to do or yield something or to abstain from some act. Request for payment of debt or amount due. An asking with authority, claiming or challenging as due. Smith v. Municipal Court of Glendale Judicial Dist., Los Angeles County, 167 Cal.App.2d 534, 334 P.2d 931.
The seeking after a commodity or service. It is not something static, but necessarily contains the idea of "competition" and a realization that markets are as much limited by sales efforts as by capacity to produce. Mendota Coal & Coke Co. v. Eastern Ry. & Lumber Co., C.OA.Wash., 53 F.2d 77, 82.
See also call
- liquidated demand
- payable on demand
@ cross-demand
A demand that is preferred by one party to an action in opposition to a demand already preferred against him by his adversary.
+ cross-demand
Where a person against whom a demand is made by another, in his turn makes a demand against that other, these mutual demands are called "cross-demands." A set-off is a familiar example.
See also counterclaim
@ demand clause
Provision in note which allows holder to compel full payment if maker fails to meet any installment.
See demand note, below
@ demand deposits
Any bank deposit which the depositor may demand (withdraw) at any time in contrast to time deposit which requires depositor to wait the specified time before withdrawing or pay a penalty for early withdrawal. Funds accepted by bank subject to immediate withdrawal; such represent largest element in money supply of the United States. U. S. v. Philadelphia Nat. Bank, D.C.Pa., 201 F.Supp. 348, 360
@ demand draft
Sight draft; draft payable on demand
@ demand instrument
An instrument that is payable on demand, at sight or on presentation.
See U.C.C. No. 3-108 (when an instrument is payable on demand).
See also demand note, below
- demand loan
- demand note
@ legal demand
A demand properly made, as to form, time, and place, by a person lawfully authorized.
@ personal demand
A demand for payment of a bill or note, made upon the drawer, acceptor or maker, in person
@ demandant
/damaendant/ The plaintiff or party suing in a real action
@ demandress
/damaendras/ A female demandant

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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